Friday, October 29, 2010


Wow, creative title. Illustration project for this week - illustrate one of the seven deadly sins.
I was sort of happy with this until it got torn apart technically in class. I'm not upset though, the teacher loved it conceptually, and I still like it alot. And since its digital, this'll probably be another one I spend a lot of time fixing up.
Oh, also, we were limited to a square composition and only two colors. :c


Hey guys - posting a little early this week because I'll probably forget if I leave it until tomorrow (not working for once), and because I'm going to be so busy with costumes and everything I figured it's be best to get this up now.

So, drawing stuff for this weeeekkkk:

I started experimenting with brush and ink more, I think my final project's going to be done in it. This is a tuba and a skeleton from life in class.

Ink brush sketches of the skeleton (and a girl in class).

Same skeleton again, but with a very long composition in my sketchbook.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sudden Flight

Aaand, my drawing assignment from over the last three weeks. Another stupid self-portrait. But seriously, this thing is huge. Like 4ft by 4ft. The drawing is charcoal, and the birds are cut paper layered on top of fabric.


So, just finished up all the printing for my new assignment in printmaking - we had to do a science-themed print/ set of prints, and I went with something I just recently learned - that the average three-year old octopus has the same intelligence as a three year old child. Never eating octopus again. To show this topic, I chose to illustrate images of octocpi doing activities that the typical three-year-old would enjoy.

We had to do monotype prints, monoprints, and drypoint etchings for the assignment. Monotype printing is a little like painting - you paint/ make marks on your plate (a sheet of plastic of some type) with oil-based ink and then run it through the press. You can usually only get one print from this, hence monotype.
 Octopus enjoying a bedtime story.
 Playing with a rubic's cube.

Drypoint prints are basically like etchings, but the plate doesn't last as long, and they're a little less complex than etchings in process.

And monoprints are essentially fixed plates inked in a non-traditional way (in this case, using my drypoint plate and tape).

Sketchbook Update

I can't believe it's that time of week again - where I'm sitting at a desk at 7 in the morning, bored out of my mind and trapped for 10 hours... I doubly can't believe that it's been a week since I was at home, sleeping in and sitting around in my pajamas till noon.
Anyway, that does mean it's update time, so here are some more sketchbook pages/ small digital things I've been working on since the last time I did a sketch update.

Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix, because she's probably my favorite female movie villain ever. I'm also really baffled by the fact that crow quill and ink is the only medium I can get likenesses in. I will never understand my brain.

Fairly quick drawings of Haz in motion, for a sketchbook assignment for class.

This is for my current illustration project - we had to choose and illustrate one of the seven deadly sins. So i chose wrath, and designed this character based on it. This was sort of a coloring test sketch, just for something to do the other night.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So everything I have to post this week is illustration. I actually got ahead on homework, so I had a bit of free time to a) redo things that I didn't like and b) goof around in photoshop.

So our actual assignment for this week was to do an op-ed illustration for one of three articles we had to pick from. I chose this one, and for those of you who aren't going to click though, it's essentially about how trying to stop terrorism before it happens infringes on personal privacy. It also used the phrase "homegrown terrorism" throughout to describe native terrorists, so that's where my images came from.

This is the first one I did - I got it done really early in the week, then had a lot of free time, so I decided I wasn't happy with it and was going to redo it.

This was my second "final" piece, which I (and my teacher) liked a lot better.

Probably the biggest thing that I got done this week (and what I'm most happy with) is fixing the background on my ghost piece.


Also, as I said, I had time to goof around in photoshop, so here's a sketch from last week that I colored.
 Her body continues off into eternity, I know.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ghost Print

Quick printmaking project where we had to print overtop of a previously made ghost print. (Ghost prints are prints that are pulled from a plate right after you make a good print - so you'd make a print, and then without reinking the plate, run it through the press again with new paper. It's usually used in layers/ things like this to get a midtone gray.) I printed the bottom of my robot print over the ghost of my gas mask - I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

Setting the Stage

22" by 30" charcoal self-portrait for drawing. Supposed to be focusing on the concepts/practice of chiaroscuro lighting.

Skin II

Well, you didn't get to see skin I because it was awful, but this was an elements project  that was supposed to be based on the idea of skin.

This is ground meat encased in a latex 'skin' that I sewed myself.

Sketchbook Highlights

So, I finally decided to scan some stuff from my sketchbook - some of this is pretty old, dating back to the end of last school year. These are just my favorite pages/ drawings, obviously the actual sketchbook is much more full.

Kenneth Rocafort-style Haz.

 More Rocafort mimicing... I think this was an early design for Isabelle.
This is what most of my sketchbook looks like - as many thumbnails as I can possibly fit on a page, notes in between all of them, and quick sketches in the rest of the space. Little doodle of Alex and Iz here - most of the notes are for Memento Mori I think.
Everyone loves this thing- the "hair" area is cut out and those blue lines are thread.

Louis! Probably the best drawings in the whole damn sketchbook.

Hand practice - some of them are really bad, but I like the overall gesture enough to want to show them off a little.
Quick pen and ink practice drawings done in Illustration - I'm pretty proud of these.

Not very good cartoon of my friend Joyce and a doodle of Alex with football player shoulders that I really love for some reason.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Unresolved Background

Which is essentially the problem with this piece. Fortunately, not a total loss, since the foreground/idea work pretty well, when I actually get some free time I can maybe redo the house

Anyhow, this is pretty obviously my illustration pulled from the sketches I did last week. I decided to go with Jeremy Enecio as my artist/inspiration, and the piece went over pretty well in crit, actually, I'm just really mad at myself about the background.

And yes, this is the only piece I have to post this week. The only other project I completed since last weekend was the expansion of the here to eternity piece, and a) I didn't get around to documenting it b) It essentially looks like the same thing with the crooked parts fixed and sloppy orange watercolor on it.