Friday, December 31, 2010

Have Some Quorra

So I pretty much loved Tron.

Also the flats if anyone's interested. I thought they looked pretty good.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Whoo hoo break post!

So, trying to get some personal stuff done over break this year - and so far, so good! Nothing amazing, but an adequate amount of experimenting. I really am discovering a love for gouache. So far.
Anyhow, gouache and pencil, done for this week's illustration friday theme of "mail".

I rather like the aesthetic of pencil on gouache, but I think I need to get more in depth with it - both with the painterly aspect of the gouache and then with the pencil shading - the main goal on this was to try new things without spending too much time, so I feel like it was pretty successful in that aspect. Scanner goofed up my colors pretty good tho. :/

Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone!!! Hope you're all having a good break!

Saturday, December 18, 2010



So I'm writing this post sitting at home in my pajamas, well-fed,  and wrapped up in a blanket instead of half-asleep at a security desk. Survived finals, happily with a lot less stress/ a lot more sleep than most people. This is my very last final piece - my illustration watercolor pieces. We had to do four illustrations to go with the short story The Circular Ruins by Jorge Borges, which is a brilliant little sci-fi story if anyone's interested in reading it. I'm extremely pleased with the first two (which were, of course, the last two I composed and actually executed), and then sort of okay with the others. :/

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Printmaking final!

Look what i got around to documenting! Unfortunately, this is pretty tame for a final because my printmaking teacher is awful, but what can you do. :/  It was a group project - each group was assigned a building on (or really close to) campus and supposed to do prints from it. I was in the church group, and we essentially just all did different types of prints from the same photo. I'm supposed to get a folio with everyone's prints in it, so maybe I'll post the whole set together when I do :) Mine's a drypoint print with a lot of micron used to fix lines.

I'm making a lot of prints for Christmas presents for my friends/family, so expect to see those soon!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Still Life

Found this when I was going through my drawing pads to get stuff ready for my final review - just a fairly quick charcoal piece done from observation in class.

Elements of Visual Thinking 2 Final

So i did these little gouache paintings and then made sound pieces to go with them - each one represents either something I have come to expect in life or that is expected of me.
I can't seem to get the audio to work, unfortunately, so maybe over break I'll fiddle with it more. Sorry, looks like you only get half the experience for now :/

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Almostfinisheddrawingfinal EDIT: FINAL ELEPHANT NOW INCLUD

So this was supposed to be the post for my finished drawing final, but I ended up changing the elephant piece sort of significantly from its picture here - I'll update that as soon as I have time to rephotograph it.

But, this is my drawing final, four ink and gesso "drawings" that go with the song Fairy Paradise by CocoRosie. The passage of the lyrics that I focused on was:

"as earth she makes her final passage
after humans long have ravaged
vanished with all maps for motion
upward angels last devotion
one by one escort us home
to leave the elementals free to roam
to bathe in the last of ocean's foam
to beach comb the nuclear debris
our plastic toys and our metal trees"

And these will be hung, along with my entire class's final drawing pieces at the Peabody music conservatory at Johns Hopkins.

Naked Dude

In-class figure drawings from Monday!  I wish we had done more drawing from the model this semester. Only twice is sort of a disappointing amount. :/ I'll probably have all the modeling I can handle next semester tho, with life drawing and character design.

Illustration Final Preview

Just what the title says - nearly finished in-progress scan of 1/4 of my illustration final.