Thursday, February 23, 2012

Designing Characters

My first two character design projects! Our first was to do three portraits of a celebrity of our choosing in three different styles. One only in line, one only in shape, and one rendered as realistically as we could manage. My line one came out like crap, but here's the rendered and shape versions, of my favorite, Jo Calderone.

Our second project was to design a character based on an animal we were assigned. I got the Irish Wolfhound, and so this gentleman was born. 

Advanced Follow Your Heart

My first piece for my advanced digital illustration class, based on the prompt "getting it straight".

Another advanced digital project, with the prompt being simply to make a tileable pattern of things that you like. I'm quite pleased with this, actually.

Coming Soon: Design your own supervillian project, revamped! (psst Sam Bosma literally gives the best projects).