Saturday, September 25, 2010

From Here to Eternity

Drawing project - we had to draw a room/building using citing and measuring techniques learned in class and then expand on it in some manner. For this week i have to expand on it :|
This is 22" by 30" and the "real" part of it is the stairway in the Brown Center.

Printmaking - Object to Robot

So i just finished up my first printmaking project - we have 16 prints due on friday, 4 proofs, one ghost, and 3 finals for each plate - I managed to get them all done in studio yesterday! :D
These are actually the reject prints that I brought home, so they're not as good of quality as the finals, but you get the idea.

So essentially the project was to choose an object, make a print of it, and then design a robot based on/containing that object and make a print of it as well. These are both hand-carved linoleum prints.

Inspired by + Forgotten Bees

So I realized that last week I forgot to post just the inking of the bees, which i liked better than the colored, so here it is:
I'm hoping later this week to get around to fixing the color on the digital and watercoloring this in...
So our new project in illustration is to create a piece inspired by another illustrator. We had to turn in three concept sketches this week, so here are mine + the illustrators they were inspired by:
My least favorite, based off of the work of Martin French
This one inspired by Nathan Fox:
And this one by Jeremy Enecio:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Illustration 1

Last post for today  - my first project for Illustration.
Our first project was to create a "family portrait" and I decided to do a family portrait of bees. So here are some of my practice sketches/ coloring.
I wanted to try and experiment with doing really detailed inking and then coloring the bees in very flat photoshop color - which I feel like had mixed results. I also discovered that it's pretty hard to make bees exude an air of "family" because they're essentially emotionless. :/ Anyhow, I worked hard on this, I tried  some new stuff and I was pretty pleased with the result. Except for the part where the print was darker than my original coloring and all of the black blended into the background on the final. OOPS.

Drawing 2

So, also done during the first three weeks of class were these two pieces for my Drawing 2 class. The first one if actually a contour line drawing in conte pencil of a piece of beaver spine that was done during the first class and the second was our first assignment - a cross contour line self portrait. I was attempting to show my personality (and love of comics/illustration) through the background... I consider it to be moderately successful. At least it has an expression.

Frist projects of a new year

This little guy is actually the second incarnation of a project I did for my Elements of Art II class (which is a conceptual-experimental / color theory class) I unfortunately forgot to document the first version, but I assure you, this one's a lot better anyway. It's about 6 inches tall and weighs about two or three pounds... (the brain in the back is solid clay).
The original assignment for this was to create a piece that used an entire oil stick in it and conceptually focused on the color of the oil stick. Mine was the sort of turquoise-y color that you can see around the outside of the box, which I associated with two things - nostalgia (it is a sort of retro-y color) and religion (also a sort of virgin-mary blue). So the whole thing was supposed to be a sort of shrine to memory with the oil stick crushed up in the back and trying to look like a brain. I used my awesome photoshop skills to recreate the original so you too can enjoy its charm and beauty.

The second part of the project was then to take another week and expand on the piece (this time, the oil stick did not have to be included if we didn't want to), and I decided to essentially make the brain actually look like a brain (which is funny, because it looks like intestines instead) and add detail, which I think did improve the piece a great deal.