Saturday, October 16, 2010


So everything I have to post this week is illustration. I actually got ahead on homework, so I had a bit of free time to a) redo things that I didn't like and b) goof around in photoshop.

So our actual assignment for this week was to do an op-ed illustration for one of three articles we had to pick from. I chose this one, and for those of you who aren't going to click though, it's essentially about how trying to stop terrorism before it happens infringes on personal privacy. It also used the phrase "homegrown terrorism" throughout to describe native terrorists, so that's where my images came from.

This is the first one I did - I got it done really early in the week, then had a lot of free time, so I decided I wasn't happy with it and was going to redo it.

This was my second "final" piece, which I (and my teacher) liked a lot better.

Probably the biggest thing that I got done this week (and what I'm most happy with) is fixing the background on my ghost piece.


Also, as I said, I had time to goof around in photoshop, so here's a sketch from last week that I colored.
 Her body continues off into eternity, I know.

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