Thursday, February 23, 2012

Designing Characters

My first two character design projects! Our first was to do three portraits of a celebrity of our choosing in three different styles. One only in line, one only in shape, and one rendered as realistically as we could manage. My line one came out like crap, but here's the rendered and shape versions, of my favorite, Jo Calderone.

Our second project was to design a character based on an animal we were assigned. I got the Irish Wolfhound, and so this gentleman was born. 

Advanced Follow Your Heart

My first piece for my advanced digital illustration class, based on the prompt "getting it straight".

Another advanced digital project, with the prompt being simply to make a tileable pattern of things that you like. I'm quite pleased with this, actually.

Coming Soon: Design your own supervillian project, revamped! (psst Sam Bosma literally gives the best projects).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dark Matter - Type 1 Final

Typography specimen book for Bodoni. The book has a monsters/spirits theme - the majority of the internal text is quotes taken from Bram Stoker's Dracula

Tattooed Love Goddess

Final project for Lifestyle illustration, a class I was really sad to see end. We had to choose a mixed drink and do two illustrations - one just based on the drink itself/its name and one with the recipe for the drink. I have sort of mixed feelings about these pieces in general I also discovered that tattoos are EXTREMELY time-consuming to design and draw, but the lettering one was incredibly fun - the whole thing was hand-painted in gouache and then tweaked a bit in photoshop. I love doing tiny intricate things with gouache. 


A selection of my favorite dolls from my lifestyle illustration class. These eventually just turned into "drawing outfits I wish I owned."

This last set was a collaboration I did with my friend Karli - we switched doll bases for the week, which ended up being really fun! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Art Market

I've been pretty busy getting ready for Art Market for the last few weeks, which starts tomorrow here at MICA. (Art Market is basically a sort of craft-show-esque event for students, faculty, and alumni to sell their work. Its a pretty big deal and brings in a lot of people from the community - if you're in the Baltimore area this weekend, you should definitely come and check it out. ) Coincidentally, all of the prints I'll be selling are new work that I haven't posted here yet!

A Princess of Mars - Fashion Illustration based on the upcoming movie "John Carter of Mars".

May Fairies - Fashion Illustration calendar assignment.

Generation Sell - Editorial Illustration for the recent NYT article "Generation Sell".

I'll also be selling cute bug toys that I've been making - I'm hoping to post some pictures of them on here later tonight, so stay tuned!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Type Trouble

And, finally, my Typography work from the last few weeks. The first is a composition based on a 3 by 4 grid layout, and the second is a poster design for a series of typography talks. We were given the body copy for each.