Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amen Fashion

A collective dump of nearly everything I've done for my Lifestyle illustration class so far this semester. Exhibit A) Style Dolls, which are essentially "paper" (or in this case, digital) dolls which we dress/accessorize every week. Here they are naked:

And here they are dressed for the first week:

I believe the main designers are Ralph Lauren, D&G and Yves St Laurent, with some mixed for the shoes and acessories.

This is a portion from the first project we did, which was to choose an environment and then select outfits that matched and create a piece with them - my environment was a freak show. There was actually a second piece with a mermaid in a tank, but I'm pretty unhappy with it, so you only get to see the one. 

The designers for this are Vivian Westwood (the jumpsuit) and Mugler. 

And then finally, my assignment for this week, which was a sequential piece for a two-page spread that displayed "a night out". I chose to utilize the 800+ photos I took this summer and do a night out in Kyoto, Japan. 

I have a great lust for those jeffrey campbell shoes I drew (the white ones). I really really really want them.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sketchy Things

Just some sketchbook stuff I did before homework actually started and sort of ruined my life. Only a little bit. I'm thinking of revamping the blog layout again, if I ever get some time... expect projects to start flowing again soon!