Saturday, October 23, 2010


So, just finished up all the printing for my new assignment in printmaking - we had to do a science-themed print/ set of prints, and I went with something I just recently learned - that the average three-year old octopus has the same intelligence as a three year old child. Never eating octopus again. To show this topic, I chose to illustrate images of octocpi doing activities that the typical three-year-old would enjoy.

We had to do monotype prints, monoprints, and drypoint etchings for the assignment. Monotype printing is a little like painting - you paint/ make marks on your plate (a sheet of plastic of some type) with oil-based ink and then run it through the press. You can usually only get one print from this, hence monotype.
 Octopus enjoying a bedtime story.
 Playing with a rubic's cube.

Drypoint prints are basically like etchings, but the plate doesn't last as long, and they're a little less complex than etchings in process.

And monoprints are essentially fixed plates inked in a non-traditional way (in this case, using my drypoint plate and tape).

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