Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sketchbook Highlights

So, I finally decided to scan some stuff from my sketchbook - some of this is pretty old, dating back to the end of last school year. These are just my favorite pages/ drawings, obviously the actual sketchbook is much more full.

Kenneth Rocafort-style Haz.

 More Rocafort mimicing... I think this was an early design for Isabelle.
This is what most of my sketchbook looks like - as many thumbnails as I can possibly fit on a page, notes in between all of them, and quick sketches in the rest of the space. Little doodle of Alex and Iz here - most of the notes are for Memento Mori I think.
Everyone loves this thing- the "hair" area is cut out and those blue lines are thread.

Louis! Probably the best drawings in the whole damn sketchbook.

Hand practice - some of them are really bad, but I like the overall gesture enough to want to show them off a little.
Quick pen and ink practice drawings done in Illustration - I'm pretty proud of these.

Not very good cartoon of my friend Joyce and a doodle of Alex with football player shoulders that I really love for some reason.

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