Saturday, November 13, 2010

Miscellaneous Illustrations

Illustration project for this week - a collaged illustration based on the T.S. Elliot poem "The Waste Land". We of course had a guest illustrator who came in for critique this week too, (Martin Wittfooth, who is amazing) and almost everyone was horrifically embarrassed of their piece. Anyway, I was happy with the gouache aspect of this, but not really anything else or how it fit together. :/ (And Matt and Martin were also really excited about the gouache part. c: Just needed to brag a little.)

Also did an illustration of the short story/essay thing "Wall Street - The Story of What Happened to Our Intimacy" by Timothy Speed Levitch for my critical inquiry class. It's a quick ink portrait of Levitch transposed over a colored map of the Wall Street area. OH SO CLEVER AND ORIGINAL.

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