Saturday, November 13, 2010

It was me on that road...

Just finished up another printmaking project - this time it was zinc plate etchings! We could do one print of whatever we wanted, and one had to be an illustration/accompaniment to an Edgar Allen Poe poem or short story.

So here's my "test print". I essentially copied an older drawing of a magpie out of my sketchbook and included the "One for Sorrow, Two for joy" poem. This is really cute and tiny, like maybe 3" by 3".

For my Edgar Allen Poe story I chose to illustrate "The Masque of the Red Death". So here's the original print, just printed with black ink.

 Printed with red ink (such a pain in the butt to do D:)

 And my favorite, and what I would consider the "final print" is the etching printed on top of a flat red printed surface.

Sorry to everyone who's waiting on an octopus - don't worry, I haven't forgotten you! I'm hoping to get some time this week to finally print some more. These ones are also up for trade/sale, so if anyone wants a magpie or one of the red death prints let me know!

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