Saturday, November 13, 2010


Drawing final in progress! I'm doing four 25" by 25" drawings/illustrations to go with the song Fairy Paradise by Cocorosie. So this is my room in studio mode Thursday night. You can see on my desk the inspiration for the style I'm using - a James Jean Fables cover hahaha so original again (the book's finally in reprint - I ordered it as soon as I found out and the it arrived last week <3). Also, I totally don't have a stolen haunted house poster.

And I don't really like posting projects before the crit for them, but my whole class is going to see this Monday anyhow, so here's the first one of four, finished. This is the water elemental.

1 comment:

  1. giant fish in a forest = totally miyazaki ♥

    the wee deer are such a great touch! i love cocorosie. i love kayla.