Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ink Sketchings...

Nothing very exciting today unfortunately - finals are a-brewin in most of my classes.

 My drawing teacher's husband came in and modeled for us on Monday - he's the head of the bass department at Peabody conservatory, so he played his double base for us and we drew him.
This first one's in pen and ink.


The rest are done with sumi brush - my teacher is super into making me work gesturally recently. :/ Which is fine and all, but it usually means I blow through an entire pad of paper in class and get like two drawings that I actually like. This one's my favorite.

Pen and ink/ sumi/ colored led sketch in the same class of a girl in front of me. Wish I hadn't put in that stupid gestural stuff. :/ And that's the end of my first sketchbook this year! I've already started a new one.
Btw, I lied, she didn't have horns on.

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