Saturday, December 4, 2010

Almostfinisheddrawingfinal EDIT: FINAL ELEPHANT NOW INCLUD

So this was supposed to be the post for my finished drawing final, but I ended up changing the elephant piece sort of significantly from its picture here - I'll update that as soon as I have time to rephotograph it.

But, this is my drawing final, four ink and gesso "drawings" that go with the song Fairy Paradise by CocoRosie. The passage of the lyrics that I focused on was:

"as earth she makes her final passage
after humans long have ravaged
vanished with all maps for motion
upward angels last devotion
one by one escort us home
to leave the elementals free to roam
to bathe in the last of ocean's foam
to beach comb the nuclear debris
our plastic toys and our metal trees"

And these will be hung, along with my entire class's final drawing pieces at the Peabody music conservatory at Johns Hopkins.

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