Saturday, September 18, 2010

Frist projects of a new year

This little guy is actually the second incarnation of a project I did for my Elements of Art II class (which is a conceptual-experimental / color theory class) I unfortunately forgot to document the first version, but I assure you, this one's a lot better anyway. It's about 6 inches tall and weighs about two or three pounds... (the brain in the back is solid clay).
The original assignment for this was to create a piece that used an entire oil stick in it and conceptually focused on the color of the oil stick. Mine was the sort of turquoise-y color that you can see around the outside of the box, which I associated with two things - nostalgia (it is a sort of retro-y color) and religion (also a sort of virgin-mary blue). So the whole thing was supposed to be a sort of shrine to memory with the oil stick crushed up in the back and trying to look like a brain. I used my awesome photoshop skills to recreate the original so you too can enjoy its charm and beauty.

The second part of the project was then to take another week and expand on the piece (this time, the oil stick did not have to be included if we didn't want to), and I decided to essentially make the brain actually look like a brain (which is funny, because it looks like intestines instead) and add detail, which I think did improve the piece a great deal.

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